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Twitter and The Transparency Center

Marty Swant of Adweek:

In the next few weeks, the company will begin showing its users more information about who is advertising on Twitter and what those ads entail. The additional disclosures will include all ads running on Twitter, how long they’ve been running, the creative for a campaign and information about why a user is targeted with an ad.

The tool will be called the Transparency Center. According to the report, certain information will be made public such as: the organizations that buy political ads, the target demographical data, ad spending for a candidate per advertiser and more.

This tool, has likely been under construction for a while now but the announcement timing was pretty coincidental. The Honest Ads Act was introduced to The House only 6 days ago.

Personally I’m glad to see Twitter doing this. Glad to see it setting an example for others to follow. While, Facebook on the other hand has been pretty lukewarm to the problem (and solution).