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Care by Volvo Vehicle Subscription

Wow. This is really something else. For a base price of $600/month, you can essentially lease a Volvo XC40 — a crossover class. But, this is really a subscription service. You can subscribe through the app on your iPhone with Apple Pay too. It has all sorts of perks:

  • Upgrade to a new vehicle after 12 months
  • Park assist, and other Volvo car features
  • Car insurance
  • Routine maintenance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Zero money down

Not shabby, considering insurance premiums on new vehicles can often break the bank. And let’s not forget how expensive car maintenance can be. 

The xc40. From Volvo

The downsides? Roberto Baldwin (@strngwys) at Endgadget writes:

As always, though, there are caveats. To qualify for Care by Volvo, you have to fit within certain insurance and credit parameters, as determined by Liberty Mutual. So if you have good credit but you have a few points on your driving record that put you outside what an underwriter finds acceptable, you’re out of luck. There’s no $650-per-month option for a bit higher insurance or to cover your bad credit. It’s all or nothing.

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