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Tide NYC

It’s no secret that I love DigitalOcean. I host this site on a DO Droplet. Hell, I host most of my web projects with DigitalOcean. Pretty much ever since 2012. They have a great product, that has never really disappointed me.

Another reason I love DigitalOcean? They host events for all walks of life. They host Hacktoberfest, an annual hack-a-thon. They get everyone amped about closing open issues, unit testing and it’s a nice way to get a bunch of nice people together to support open-source.

On April 24th, DigitalOcean is hosting an afternoon of tech talks. I would say this event is aimed at the backend/founders audience. You’ver software engineers, development team leads, dev-ops, co-founders, and CTOs. If that’s not your jam, hang tight for the summer, or better yet Hacktoberfest!

Here’s the lineup for Tide NYC so far:

  • Ben Uretsky – Co-Founder & CEO, DigitalOcean
  • Shiven Ramji – VP Product, DigitalOcean
  • Anshul Pandey – Co-Founder & CTO, Accern
  • Reynold Harbin – Director, Product Marketing, DigitalOcean
  • Russell Bierschbach – Managing Partner, RouteTrust
  • Yvan De Boeck – VP of Software, Bevi
  • Nic Jackson – Developer Advocate, HashiCorp
  • Bryan Liles – Staff Engineer, Heptio
  • DigitalOcean Hatch Founders
  • Tammy Butow – Principal SRE, Gremlin
  • Ariel Jatib – Founder, StackPointCloud
  • Dan Kohn – Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  • Manju Ramanathpura – Senior Director, Product Management, DigitalOcean
  • Mike Roberts – Partner, Symphonia
  • Shiven Ramji – VP Product, DigitalOcean

This looks really cool. Jam-packed with insights from executives, and co-founders. If you run a web product, you should RSVP. Maybe I’ll see you there 👀