Freelancers Make Up 35% of the Workforce

Posted by Stephen Petrey on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Have you read this? Wow that is amazing. I’m shocked to see such a large percentage, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. Because, simply put jobs can be boring.

Are we seeing the dead-cat bounce of America job satisfaction? As the last tenured career prospectors of yore begin to retire or die, are more and more jobs moving into the freelance domain?

Why do people even freelance in the first place? Well first, you can satisfy your creativity. You can make your own schedule, and work only as hard as you need to. Most can even “be their own boss.” There is something so thrilling about not having to be tied down to the 9–5 grind.

Secondly, the study suggests that technology enables more and more creatives to freelance.

And Finally, it’s not like Corporate America is giving many young Americans a choice. We have more and more graduates leaving college each year, and that saturation of opportunity will cost us. Not everyone can squeeze into the cookie-cutter jobs so many graduates will likely MacGyver the shit out of their resumé and attempt to freelance something until something stable comes around.

All of that sounds pretty morose and bleak — and it could be. But really, it’s not all bad. I freelance when I’m available. It’s fun, and it helps pay the bills. I can’t say no to helping small businesses I believe in. Honestly, if more and more graduates are moving to freelance it could be a sign of responsible career adaptability. And if technology permits a more free-lifestyle, it could make the American labor force a bit more happy! 🙂

Besides who can say no to inflating their portfolio. I sure can’t!


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