Sketch Will Buy Figma

Posted by Stephen Petrey on Monday, September 11, 2017

Chaker Bejaoui, writing for Prototypr:

The ecosystem that Sketch has built around it is impressive. If you put Sketch together with Craft, InVision and Zeplin, the package suddenly becomes very competitive and attractive. You can go from designing, prototyping, to testing and shipping the ideas. And if on top of that you add simultaneous collaboration, a better shared revision history and a browser app allowing Windows users to play with Sketch, you are still ahead of Adobe.

Currently there are 3 tools facing each other to win the love of designers: Sketch, Adobe XD & Figma.

There is not enough space for 3 big players. Only 2 at the end will remain to hold most of the market share (e.g. Windows/Mac, Android/iOS, Uber/Lyft). Other smaller competitors will share what is left behind.

For sure XD will be one of the two.

If Sketch wants to remain one of the biggest player, it has to buy Figma.

He’s completely in the right. There’s just simply too many players on the field. If Figma and Sketch knows what’s good for them, this sale will happen sooner rather than later.


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