Links: March 2018

Posted by Stephen Petrey on Sunday, March 18, 2018

This month I collected some interesting links worth sharing. Some notables include: an iOS AirPod concept design, Starbucks bathroom reviews website, a post from Scott Galloway on marriage, and the technology behind my website page transitions and more.

Starbucks Bathroom Reviews

Living in NYC, finding a clean public bathroom can be difficult. Finding one without a security code can be even more rare. Let this incredible website be your guide. 😎

Reading Time WP

This plugin looks cool. It provides a reading time estimate for your posts in WordPress. Gonna check it out. Stay tuned.


If you’re wondering how I setup page transitions on my website — barba.js is how. I fully plan on writing a installation/customization tutorial at some point. It’s weighs in at 4.4 kb JS file which isn’t shabby. And has all sorts of neat bells and whistles.

iOS Airpods Sharing Concept

Uhm. This is seriously so fucking cool. What a great idea. This whole concept stems from such unique problem that requires a unique solution:

The AirPods are arguable one of Apple’s best products, their simplicity, and intuitiveness make them an essential daily device. However one disadvantage is the lack of ability to share music with friends. Back in the 3.5mm analog days, this was accomplished with a headphone splitter […]

[…] this is easily achievable with an iOS software update that could enable users to share their iPhone or iPad’s audio with multiple friends who also have AirPods:

Knockoff iPhone X Notches

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I suppose.

I Do

I follow Scott Galloway pretty religiously. Back in 2015, my friend Tim Kosters (@sretsok) introduced me to his You’veTube channel. Scott is an accomplished professor at NYU, and previously been a board member at Eddie Bauer, The New York Times Company, and a few others. From time to time Scott pens personal advice and this one hit home for me.

In my experience, the most rewarding things in life are family and professional achievement. Without someone to share these things with, you’ve seen a ghost — it sort of happened, but not really. However, with the right partner, these things feel real, you feel more connected to the species, and all “this” begins to register meaning.

Not quite a blogroll, but maybe a start

Chris (@chofficehours) of runs a fantastic blog worth subscribing. Lately, he’s been writing a lot about remote worklife, blogrolls, and blogs (with a little b like this one). There’s a growing problem with the Twitter echo chamber, I don’t feel like I’m part of any community on Medium, and I go to Hacker News a little too often — what’s the fix? Blogrolls? More blog aggregators? Interesting words from an interesting guy.


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