This Old House

Posted by Stephen Petrey on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My grandfather is an excellent carpenter. Growing up, he built several bookshelves for me over the years. He also built tables, shelving, and chairs. He even built for my childhood elementary school. My siblings, cousins and relatives all have furniture designed and built by him. He’s a real pro, and so humble about his abilities.

I don’t have any of my grandfather’s handiwork to share today, but I do want to share a clip from one of his favorite shows, This Old House. Bob Villa and Bob Ryley show how to go about building a simple staircase. They employ such simple tricks. I love it.

I remember spending summers at my grandparent’s house, complaining that this show was so incredibly boring. Surely something else was on the TV in the middle of the day at 1pm. Thinking back, it was likely either soaps, or This Old House. Oh, the life of a 3rd-grader on summer break.

I regret not spending more time in the garage with my grandad. We built a few things together for sure, and we definitely spent way too many hours working on cars (RIP 1991 Geo Prizm) while I was in high school. Those tales will be for another day I think. I look forward to spending my retired years, taking up the mantle and building a few bookshelves of my own for the ones that I love too.


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