Posted by Stephen Petrey on Monday, April 30, 2018

Came across an interesting device (currently in the pre-order stage) the other day. I think this is a lovely piece of machinery (not unlike the Key Wrangler from CW&T). Details are scant but I thought it was noteworthy to design and construct a device with battery-life and productivity in mind first.

The UI concept is fascinating — just a scrollable list, or timeline as they call it. It claims “Blloc anticipates your needs through learning.” Which, is arguably where Siri (and iOS) should been heading.

I’ve recently moved most of apps to folders, hidden away in obscurity — only have a handful of visible apps on my primary homescreen to keep myself as productive as possible during the day. 

From Adham Badr the founder of Blloc, via Hacker News Discussion:

we def. screwed up communication as we’ve been focused lately on finishing hardware. its based on Android 8.1 and the apps are downloaded via play-store normally. We don’t white or black list, but rather are going through the most used apps and building easier integrations for them

I’m disappointed to see yet another piece of hardware bootstrap together an OS with Android as its secret-sauce. But I get it. Building an OS takes serious work. Now that Windows is out officially out of the game, I’m hoping to see newcomers occupy Microsoft’s mobile vacancy. But this is a start I suppose.

Grayscale and Color at toggleable, a neat concept


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