The Fight for Net Neutrality Edges Onward

Posted by Stephen Petrey on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Yesterday, on paper — #NetNeutrality died. But there is a glimmer of hope. As it turns out, the new reclassification and bullshit order won't go into effect until May or June. The order passed in December, merely gave the FCC power to begin steps to reclassify on the "effective date" of April 23rd. Now, Ajit Pai can begin his crusade to disassembling our internet rights.

Tom McKay:

As CNET noted, once the Office of Management and Budget approves the move, that will start a new waiting and public comment period before the new rules go into effect. This new system likely won’t go into effect until at least late May or June, per the Register. 

Among other things, the new rules would reclassify internet provision as a Title I instead of Title II information service, which would allow ISPs to implement paid prioritization programs, as well as block or throttle content from competitors or just about anyone they wager is using too much bandwidth. Broadband providers will mostly cease to be regulated by the FCC, and thereby be bound only by their own promises (the FCC cleverly passed most of its authority to penalize ISPs that lie to customers to the Federal Trade Commission, a separate agency ill-equipped to handle telecom issues).

If you're confused as to why #NetNeutrality matters, take a look at what happens when ISPs force their subscribers to pay for "premium" bandwidth "packages" in Portugal. It's a nightmare, and completely disgusting.

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