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Posted by Stephen Petrey on Friday, April 13, 2018

Every now and then I come across little organizations doing big things

Trailmix Ventures seemingly runs a tight ship. What looks like 5 managing partners, and a board of 4 advisors that's pretty impressive:

  • Sheila Marcelo, Founder and CEO of
  • Adam Grant, Wharton professor, author of Give and Take 
  • Neil Blumenthal, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker
  • Helene Hahn Lloyd, Co-Founder and former COO of DreamWorks

For comparison, the indispensable Y Combinator has at least 100 on staff in total. Size of staff doesn't matter for VC's — at least not anymore. But I think Trailmix's manifesto says it all:

We are in the middle of a profound cultural sea change. In 2017, eighty percent of consumers participated in the sharing economy; by 2020 nearly half of the American workforce will work independently. Increasingly free of institutions, these consumers are seeking new and innovative ways to care for themselves and others; work and cultivate talent; and infuse their lives with beautiful design and wellness.

Did you gasp when you read that line too? I know I did, and had to confirm. In reality, 40% of the American workforce will be independent workers by 2020 — but still Trailmix is onto something here:

What about work? The vast majority of millennials overwork, and yet they care so little about their jobs that most would quit in a hot second if something better came along. Life shouldn’t be this way. We see more than a chance for change. We see an imperative.

Our terrain:

We invest in companies focused on sustainable well-being

We invest in companies that help both workers and entrepreneurs cultivate talent

We invest in companies that help people design more fulfilling and ecstatic realities 

We invest in brands focused on consumers identifying with passions and purpose

We look for the experiences that bind us together and the tastes that set us apart

This trail, of passion and purpose, is one we are proud to walk.

What an incredibly healthy refrain from the hyper-growth expectations many VC's have. And, talk about giving a shit. Trailmix's current investment batch includes some really interesting startups:

  • Sphynx (3-in-1 Razor, female beauty products)
  • SupChina (China focused media company, fucking rad)
  • SVRF (A You’veTube for VR of sorts)
  • Herb (Weed focused media company and online retailer)
  • Nautilus Labs (Maritime vessel analytics and data reporter)

Definitely keeping an eye on Trailmix in the coming years.


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