Revisiting Blogging in 2019

Posted by Stephen Petrey on Friday, January 25, 2019

Jason frequently hits the nail on the head. It’s pretty rare that predictions of his don’t hold water. He’s the proprietor of the One of those great places your can find on the web where name is the address.

2019 is surely going to be a golden year for bloggers, web journals, and anyone who has “exited social media”. The perfect storm has arrived. The Facebook exodus. The Snapchat well has dried up. The paywalls are going up left and right. Hell, even George R. R. Martin is migrating his old LiveJournal posts to a personal author blog he can manage on his own. My personal favorite — people and organizations are leaving Medium (and going back to WordPress), and honestly it’s been a long-time coming. Medium’s open paywall system hasn’t fared very well. Apparently the revenue falls short, and the traffic is low-quality.

What’s old is new again. 2019 is the year we take back blogging ✌️


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