Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian Will Explore the Origins of the First Order

Posted by Stephen Petrey on Saturday, September 7, 2019 reports:

“What could happen in the 30 years between celebrating the defeat of the Empire and then the First Order?” said Favreau who also serves as writer and executive producer on the project. “You come in on Episode VII, [the First Order are] not just starting out. They’re pretty far along … “So somehow, things weren’t necessarily managed as well as they could have been if [the galaxy] ended up in hot water again like that.”

“This doesn’t turn into a good guy universe because you blew up two Death Stars,” added Dave Filoni, a producer and director on The Mandalorian. “You get that the Rebels won and they’re trying to establish a Republic, but there’s no way that could have set in for everybody all at once. You have in a Western where you’re out on the frontier and there might be Washington and they might have some marshals, but sometimes good luck finding one.”

Sign me the hell up. One of the missing pieces from the new Star Wars films was all the politics and progeny of strife in this new realm.

We have the First Order, which acts a stand-in for The Empire. I get it. These films require an opposing armada of protagonists to move and grow the plot. It works, but how did the First Order happen in the first place? Obviously there’s dismay and some chaos that descends unto the galaxy in the wake of the fall of The Empire 30 years prior. But the specifics aren’t really known on the big screen. The Mandalorian occupying that timeframe is fertile storytelling ground in my opinion. Super exciting.

I know where I will be on November 12. I’ll be glued to my couch counting down the hours for Disney+ to launch.


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