Behind-the-scene Production Details in Knives Out

Posted by Stephen Petrey on Friday, December 13, 2019

I came across these wonderful, wonderful little production details for the 2019 Rian Johnson film, Knives Out. Thanks to the incredible tweets from Steve Yedlin (@steveyedlin), a seasoned cinematographer — he shared some sweet behind-the-scenes production details about the movie:

That’s some very serious attention to details. These little details really add a phenomenal level of depth and substance to the interview scenes.

The contribution of the Key Grip is absolutely paramount to achieving successful photography in films. For those who are unaware, the Key Grip often reports directly to the Director of Photography. Often they determine, plan and produce the necessary tools or equipment that production assistants and the rest of the crew may need for shoots.

In case you are interested, I would suggest perusing Steve’s excellent collection/list of #NerdyFilmTechStuff on his website. The hashtag is equally valuable to poke around on Twitter, but his website has some of the best all in one place.

Here’s the images of the custom lighting diffuser rigs from Steve’s tweets for posterity:


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