Audubon’s Bird Migration Explorer web app is absolutely superb

Posted by Stephen Petrey on Friday, September 23, 2022

North America alone is home to hundreds of migratory bird species. Ever see a songbird and wonder where they’ve been or where they’re going next? Now you can! Audubon’s bird migration web app is powered by research from hundreds of partners, including Cornell. Cornell in particular has an eBird database maintained by their Lab of Ornithology. It’s a remarkable high-quality database. Some of the other data sources:

Marshall Johnson, chief conservation officer for the National Audubon Society shared some thoughts on the importance of publishing such a tool. We have a responsibility to understand and conserve these environments:

“The most effective migratory bird conservation efforts are informed by the best-available science, engage local communities, and are supported by partners and governments across their migratory ranges,” […] “The Bird Migration Explorer makes it plain to see how connected we are by these incredible birds. It’s clearer than ever that we have a collective responsibility and opportunity across the hemisphere to protect these birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow.”

Who would have known that the Peregrine Falcon migrated so far south!


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