Charles Davis’ photos of thousands of Budgerigars flocking after a rainfall

Posted by Stephen Petrey on Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Davis is an Australian nature photographer. He currently lives in New South Wales. He is a professional photographer who specializes in the outback. Reporting for the Guardian, Davis’ captured a rare sight. The most stunning photo of all is that of the tree which has no leaves at all — what you’re seeing is a tree full of Budgerigars:

Wildlife photographer Charles Davis has been photographing nature for more than a decade. Budgerigars can usually be seen in flocks of about 100 birds, but after rainfall can number in the thousands. Capturing such a gathering was something he had always wanted to do.


Budgies taking flight from long dry Autumn grass. There were so many budgies flying around that Davis became cold from the volume of air they were displacing with their wings.


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