• 2020

  • Isolated and in love with the X100F

  • I’ve been isolated in my Inwood (Manhattan) apartment since March 6th. I’m fortunate (and privileged) to be able to work from home. You could say things have been busy at work.

    At home, during off-hours I try to keep busy to keep my mind busy. It’s important to keep myself occupied. I want to avoid the insane news cycle sometimes. Most of the time it’s nothing new. It’s just a never-ending story of horror-show.

    Before the pandemic set-in, I ordered a new camera from eBay. I’ve been eager to find a camera that checked all the boxes for me. Living in NYC (at the moment), I really wanted to find a camera that could be my daily-carry. Maybe a fixed-lens, maybe not — but definitely lightweight and perhaps something small or akin to point-and-shoot cameras. Mainly out of laziness, I would prefer a fixed lens, but I was open to an interchangeable lens systems.

    I love Sony glass, but I already own a a6300, and the Sony RX1R isn’t cheap (even used). I looked into getting a Leica Q or Q2, and wasn’t exactly in love with the price. Both are seemingly fantastic full-frame fixed lens cameras. But, I’m a huge fan of buying used cameras, and could just not find either camera at a decent used-price range within my budget.

    So, I did what everyone else does. I bought a Fujifilm X100F. Buying used cameras on eBay was incredible. It was seemingly brand-new honestly (under 400 shutter count, which apparently isn’t very accurate for this model) — and boy does it deliver. I can see why the X-series is so wildly popular. Heck, some even call it a poor man’s Leica.

    Here’s some images I’ve taken indoors and outdoors over the past couple of months while practicing social isolation here in NYC (none have been shopped or processed, these are just raw JPGs from the camera):

    My photosynthesizing buddies love to hang out in the kitchen these days
    Texas forever ❤️
    Self-portrait, 2020
    NYC Parks and Rec ❤️
    Kevin, my old friend and furry roomie
    This photogenic sleepyhead is Frank
    Warm sunlight baths our fire escape during the day
    Flowers blooming around the parks
    The view of New Jersey from The Met Cloisters
    NYC Playground’s are closed until further notice these days
    The Octocat on my MacBook
    Some of my other camera’s
  • Close-up photos of Jupiter’s polar vortexes and dancing storms

  • I came across these via the r/space subreddit. In the comments, a Redditor revealed that these images were processed by Seán Doran and Gerald Eichstädt and after looking through the photostream, I was completely blown away.

    It’s nuts that we have a spacecraft out there in void. All alone. Snapping and transmitting these beautiful images of the Jovian giant to us. We are not worthy.

    Swirling violent masses of gases rage and dance on the surface of Jupiter

    Where do these photos come from? The Juno spacecraft of course! This spacecraft and mission has planned to orbit the gas giant Jupiter more than 35 times (these have been organized into perjoves), and has a planned termination date for 2021. A remarkable achievement.

    Here’s a clearer shot of one of Jupiter’s polar vortexes