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  • – F1 Steering Wheel buttons explained. Clearly, I’m behind on my F1 lore. But, this video blew my mind.

  • – shame to see a project like this spin down. We desperately need a new firehose for news and media. Twitter is dead. Threads isn’t cutting it. Reddit is a shitshow. Artifact showed some real promise, but in the end, it seems the AI-powered recommendation engine and service never really took off.

  • – Japan’s delinquent girl gangs. The Sukeban were massively influential in popular culture. Influences were wide across manga, anime and even films. For example, the film Sukeban Deka (1987) inspired several characters in Kill Bill such as O-Ren Ishii and Gogo Yubari.

  • – Priced at $199, the Rabbit R1 features a 2.88-inch touchscreen, camera, and built-in assistant that uses your existing subscriptions and services. Its ambitious design hints at a potential future as a smartphone alternative.

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    Today is my birthday. It’s only a day after Matt Mullenweg’s. As a little gift to myself and to him, I’m publishing a little post to reflect upon turning 35. This past year was especially busy and special. I travelled quite a bit. Visited the family in Texas a lot. Spent some quality time with…

  • Super Mario 64 on the Web – this little site is a gem. It’s powered by WebGL and is frankly, incredible. It’s essentially Javascript rendering/drawing onto a <canvas> element. Chances are it renders really well on your modern browser and looks great on your computer screen too. This is because it taps hardware graphics acceleration,…

  • – an anonymous blogger documenting their life on a research station in Antarctica. Easily one of the coolest and most interesting blogs I’ve come across in a while. They document the processes, systems and ind-and-outs at the southernmost point under jurisdiction of the United States, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

  • I always look forward to Sohla El-Waylly’s tips on cooking. She is a master in culinary arts. She’s got legendary wit and has great perspectives on cooking. Sohla studied at CIA, previously had a show on Bon Appetite, went solo with her own show and now has a show on NYTimes Cooking. To be brief,…

  • How do you feel about three screens? At CES, Asus introduced the ZenScreen Fold OLED monitor, a 17.3-inch portable OLED monitor you can fold in half for easy storage. Read more at

  • – an incredible website with an ever-growing collection of cautionary tales, stinging questions and questionable co-workers. Take a coffee break and browse the archives. Especially this post about a horrible boss causing a mouse problem because of hoarding tendencies.