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  • Adobe set to acquire Figma for $20B

    Adobe set to acquire Figma for $20B

    Adobe announced it’s acquiring Figma, the definitive collaborative design tool in a deal valued at $20 billion in cash and stock

  • Prospectus, from Lost Type Co-op

    Prospectus, from Lost Type Co-op

    From Lost Type Co-op: pro·spec·tus: noun A document that advertises a product, service, venture, institution, or event for the purpose of attracting potential clients, investors, participants, etc. A new and bold contemporary serif typeface, with optical sizes, designed by Dave Bailey, exclusively from The Lost Type Co‑op. A lovely, light-hearted typeface. Full of spirit and…

  • The Memory Remains

    The Memory Remains

    Frank Chimero, is a Brooklyn-based designer and author. He has a captivating blog and an incredible resumé. I'll spare you his backstory, but it's worth checking out. Thanks to Austin Kleon I discovered he recently interviewed with Milanote  (a fantastic blog) regarding his design process on various projects. At Chimero's own admission, this process probably won't work for…

  • 3D for Designers

    I’ll admit it. I overlook 3D design tools. Chances are you do too. Let’s be honest, they’re bulky large applications, whose interfaces often look like CNC Machine interfaces. They’re cumbersome to learn, and yield unrewarding, unconvincing 3D works. *Sighs* I don’t work with 3D art very often, but it would be nice to know best…

  • Sketch macOS UI Library

    Sketch macOS UI Library

    The other day, a friend of mine asked me if I could help design a fun little website that emulate's macOS. I thought it would be a fun project, and looked around for some design resources to get a head start. Low-and-behold, I came across this amazing gem (get it?! 🤣): Need a hand getting…

  • Web Design, Where Do I Start?

    Web Design, Where Do I Start?

    What even is Web Design anymore?

  • Sketch Will Buy Figma

    Sketch Will Buy Figma

    Chaker Bejaoui, writing for Prototypr: The ecosystem that Sketch has built around it is impressive. If you put Sketch together with Craft, InVision and Zeplin, the package suddenly becomes very competitive and attractive. You can go from designing, prototyping, to testing and shipping the ideas. And if on top of that you add simultaneous collaboration,…