• Here’s all of the features coming soon to Instagram’s Threads app

    No doubt about it. Threads launched with gargantuan success last week. Twitter is getting absolutely gobsmacked. Threads growth isn’t even close to slowing down either. Adam Mosseri (head of Instagram) has been very vocal and active on Threads. If you haven’t joined yet, or you’re holding off, I have some good news for you. He’s…

  • Threads passes 10M sign-ups in 7 hours

    Threads passes 10M sign-ups in 7 hours

    Taylor Hatmaker at TechCrunch writes: Threads passed 2 million signups in its first two hours live in the App Store and shows no signs of slowing down. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted the milestone on his Threads account. At this rate, Twitter is dead in the water. Threads has serious staying power. There’s over 2.5B…

  • A Brief History of Meta’s Threads App

    A Brief History of Meta’s Threads App

    In 2019, Instagram and Facebook launched a standalone messaging app called Threads. It was originally designed to be a sort-of Snapchat group-messaging clone. This was all before Facebook’s big name change and pivot to Meta. Ergo, before Zuckerberg decided to invest in building out the Metaverse. Despite having millions in daily active users, Facebook decided…

  • Google might bring games to YouTube, but they’re doomed to fail

    Jacob Siegal for BGR writes: Unless YouTube has a killer app, I cannot see the reasoning behind even testing games, much less launching them to the public. Netflix has a selection of great mobile games that anyone with a subscription can download for free, and yet hardly anyone does. If Netflix is having a hard…

  • Microsoft Acquires Lobe

    Microsoft Acquires Lobe

    It’s been an exciting year for Microsoft. Microsoft continues to make bets on thrilling components of software development. This was a huge missed opportunity for giants like Apple, Google and even Adobe. This morning, Microsoft announced they have acquired Lobe. If you don’t know what Lobe is, here’s a primer: Lobe, is basically software for building,…

  • Strong Towns

    Strong Towns

    Just what are the metrics that makes certain towns or cities successful?