• 100 Drone Light Show

    100 Drone Light Show

    Firefly is a company focused on delivering highly choreographed drone shows for venues, performances and entertainment. It takes a lot of time and money to get FAA certified these days for piloting a single drone. Programming a fleet of these is really remarkable, and takes some serious planning and skill. If you ask me, this…

  • FarmWise, and the Rise of the Agribots

    FarmWise, and the Rise of the Agribots

    From TechCrunch: Automating agriculture is a complex proposition given the number and variety of tasks involved, but a number of robotics and autonomy companies are giving it their best shot. FarmWise  seems to have impressed someone — it just raised $14.5 million to continue development of its autonomous weeding vehicle. Currently in the prototype stage, these vehicles…