• So long Twitter, hello fediverse

    So long Twitter, hello fediverse

    For as long as I’ve known the web, I have known the little textarea element. It’s a simple element. In all likelihood, it’s just about as ubiquitous as the input tag on websites. It’s a captivating little thing. Before the modern inventions of React or complex JavaScript libraries, all it ever really contained was text.…

  • The Origin of the Tag

    I love coming across this stuff. I always forget that Marc Andreessen is basically the father of Mosiac, Netscape and plenty of other internet startups through his VC, Andreessen Horowitz. Here’s Andreessen’s super-duper casual proposal over email, sent on February 25, 1993: I’d like to propose a new, optional HTML tag: IMG Required argument is SRC=”url”. …

  • What is a  Tag Anyways?

    What is a Tag Anyways?

    Hop aboard. Let me tell more about flow content and proper HTML sectioning.