• Megan Thee Stallion x Nike Collaboration: Hot Girl Systems

    Megan Thee Stallion x Nike Collaboration: Hot Girl Systems

    Today, Megan Thee Stallion announced that she’s got a collaboration with Nike. Megan’s line is called, Hot Girl Systems. On Instagram, she gave us a little preview of her debut long-sleeve bodysuit: So sick. So fire. Tough vibes. I love it. For the uninitiated (or perhaps the out-of-touch?), Megan is deeply passionate about staying fit…

  • The Art of Character Transformation in ‘Poor Things’

    @filmatic via Instagram – The Art of Character Transformation in ‘Poor Things’. The look of Willem Dafoe as Dr. Godwin Baxter is wonderful. Always fun to get to see behind-the-scenes with this kind of stuff.

  • PCB Silkscreen Easter Eggs

    PCB Silkscreen Easter Eggs

    Hidden messages or easter eggs on circuit boards, often referred to as “silkscreen easter eggs,” are fun and deliberately secretive messages hidden on the silkscreen layer of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The silkscreen layer is the topmost layer of a PCB, typically used for labeling components, indicators, providing assembly instructions, or other information. Normally these…

  • How to break bad habits

    Saira Mueller at Wired: The first step to breaking a habit is the same as building one—make a list of the behaviors you’d like to stop doing and put them into priority order. If you try to do everything at once, you’ll likely just get overwhelmed and give up, says Alana Mendelsohn, a psychiatrist and…

  • Facebook is Rebranding Their Apps, Add Its Name to Instagram

    From The Information: In a big shift, Facebook plans to signal its control of Instagram and WhatsApp by adding its name to both apps, according to three people familiar with the matter. The social network will rebrand the apps to “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook,” the people said. Employees for the apps were…

  • What of the Tumblelogs?

    What of the Tumblelogs?

    Will Automattic be a good arbiter of Tumblr?

  • Thoughts on IGTV

    Thoughts on IGTV

    Video is a huge driving force on this planet. We’ve had so many huge moments in history captured by it. The moon landing, the Challenger Disaster, OKGO’s Treadmill Music Video, and of course 9/11. Which in its own right was of huge historical significance — it was probably the most-watched event in history thanks to…