• Ryuichi Sakamoto has died

    Ryuichi Sakamoto has died

    Truly devastating. Ryuichi Sakamoto dies at 71. Cancer claims another great. One of the greatest pioneers of electronic music. An early adopter, a vanguard of just so much. His influence alone was revolutionary and profound. He was deeply beloved, and considered to be the father of J-pop and other synth-pop influences. From Pitchfork: โ€œWhile undergoing…

  • Be On Fire

    Be On Fire

    I’ve been listening to Chrome Sparks for years now. Pretty much ever since his Bandcamp hit, Marijuana was featured on a viral video of a cat that swept Reddit like a wildfire in 2014. Those were good times. His newest EP, is pretty fantastic. It’s not a wild departure or anything, but I can tell that his…