• Westcave Preserve, Austin Following Snow Storms

    If you have been living under a rock, Texas recently had a historic snowstorm system decimate its poorly regulated infrastructure. It’s estimated that millions of Texans had pipes bursts, flooding, and countless more experienced blackouts for more than 48 hours. Some regions experienced below 0º conditions. Devastating as it was, I was entranced to see…

  • Houston is less affordable than New York City

    Houston is less affordable than New York City

    Housing costs might be cheaper in The Lone Star State, but when transportation costs are factored into the mix, Houston loses by a 38% higher cost margin.

  • Curbed Marfa Travel Guide

    Curbed Marfa Travel Guide

    Executive Editor at Vox, Mercedes Kraus, penned a travel guide for would-be visitors to Marfa. Marfa is located in West Texas. Heck, even the Simpsons visited Prada Marfa: Texas, is well known for many things. A couple of venerable and memorable characters from Texas’s past include Sam Houston and Lyndon B. Johnson. A few of…

  • Can Bee Venom Treat Lyme Disease?

    Can Bee Venom Treat Lyme Disease?

    Katy Vine for Texas Monthly writes: Perhaps, instead of destroying the bacteria directly, the venom’s effect is indirect, kick-starting the immune system. Bee venom studies have shown promise in combating symptoms for autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. According to Justin Schmidt, an insect venom expert at the Southwestern Biological Institute, in…

  • Texas: The Big State

    Texas: The Big State

    I have a deep love for The Lone Star State. Every inch of Texas feels like home to me. I was born in Texas, and I would prefer to be buried there. It’s a place that is seemingly boundless in resources, kindness and wholesome kinships (for those unaware, the state motto is simply, friendship). I…

  • A Forgotten Ben Enwonwu Painting Resurfaces in a Texas Attic

    A Forgotten Ben Enwonwu Painting Resurfaces in a Texas Attic

    Ciku Kimeria for Quartz writes: Imagine finding an almost-forgotten portrait of your mother in your family house, doing a Google search on the artist’s name and discovering that what you own is a precursor to the artist’s best-known work that sold in 2018 for $1.6 million.This is exactly what happened very recently to one of…

  • Ross Perot Has Died

    From The New York Times: He began working at 7, selling garden seeds door to door and later breaking horses (and his nose) for his father at a dollar a head. When he was 12, he began delivering The Texarkana Gazette on horseback in poor neighborhoods, soliciting subscriptions and building his route from scratch for…