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  • Slack Rebrands

    Slack Rebrands

    Slack, the communication tool goliath rebranded today. Personally, I think it falls short. The homepage re-design, more-so. I know, I know — I’m pretty contrarian on these topics, but hear me out. Gone are the illustrations, branding and web design by Ueno. Front-and-center are images mainly of people — which feels very Apple-esque. Could be…

  • Prospectus, from Lost Type Co-op

    Prospectus, from Lost Type Co-op

    From Lost Type Co-op: pro·spec·tus: noun A document that advertises a product, service, venture, institution, or event for the purpose of attracting potential clients, investors, participants, etc. A new and bold contemporary serif typeface, with optical sizes, designed by Dave Bailey, exclusively from The Lost Type Co‑op. A lovely, light-hearted typeface. Full of spirit and…

  • Aristide Benoist

    Aristide Benoist

    Just wow. What an incredible website. The style of this sort of portfolio is very Designers Republic (now defunct agency RIP). Give Aristide Benois a round of applause because this is super cool and truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Dave Rupert’s CSS Grid Resets (FitGrid)
  • What is a  Tag Anyways?

    What is a Tag Anyways?

    Hop aboard. Let me tell more about flow content and proper HTML sectioning.

  • In a Praise of Trends

    In a Praise of Trends

    Why do design trends happen in the first place? Armin Vit wrote in (the now defunct) Speak Up: Where does it come from? Are designers in the various fields just tuned into the same wavelength? Is there data to be looked up that steers designers in the same direction? Do creatives look over each others…

  • Web Design and The Z-Layout

    Web Design and The Z-Layout

    Introduction The state of Web Design continues to evolve every single day. It has always been in a constant state of flux — pretty much since the iPhone was released in 2007. The iPhone was a doozy, because it forced developers and designers to find workarounds with Flash. Steve and Apple were not intent on…