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  • Today, I began on Unit 21 in Duolingo. This is day 523 learning Korean 한국어 😅 This Unit’s subject is Express Necessity. Cute and useful.

    줄 서야 합니다.

    You have to stand in line.

    죄송하지만 지금 퇴근해야 해요.

    I’m sorry but I have to leave work now.

    저는 퇴근해서 집에 가야 해요.

    I have to leave work and go home.

    민지는 숙제를 오늘 해야 해요.

    Minji has to do the homework today.

    오늘 저녁에 출근해야 해요.

    I have to go to work this evening.

    의사는 빨리 준비해야 해요.

    The doctor needs to prepare quickly.

  • I’ve been learning Korean for over a year now! It’s crazy I’ve been using Duolingo for over 500 days now. Every day, I try to do at least one lesson. I mostly use Duolingo, but occasionally I’ll use Teuida as well. It’s a beautiful language. I personally find the alphabet straightforward in its design by comparison to other non-Roman languages. I think I’ll start sharing some of the terms I pickup here. This weekend’s lessons were around seasons 🍂 ⛄️ Enjoy!

    우리는 겨울에 항상 하키를 해요.

    We always play hockey in the winter.

    남자는 하키를 전혀 못 합니다.

    The man cannot play hockey at all.

    저는 전혀 몰라요.

    I do not know at all.

    눈이 와요!

    It is snowing!

    공원에는 풀이 너무 길어요.

    In the park, the grass is too long.

    물이 항상 흘러요.

    The water always flows.

    어느 계절을 제일 좋아하세요?

    Which season do you like the most?