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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

  • Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

    School’s out. It’s the summer of 2000. As you boot up your Sega Dreamcast, you wonder if anyone else is awake in the house. As you reach to close the lid of the console, you tremble with anticipation. You glance one last time, you read the words Jet Set Radio on the disc. Excitement and sleepiness washes over as you finally close the lid. You barely slept last night. The Dreamcast squeaks and squawks as the game disc is spun and read by the laser. You make sure the volume of the tv isn’t too loud. You squint your eyes as the tv dims to black.

    You hold your breath and close your eyes. Static begins to drip through the speakers. Not a second later, a loud blaring funky dance-y tune cuts across the tv to your ears. It’s here. It’s loaded and your mind’s eye knows the next button to press to start the game. You move your thumbs over ever so slightly.

    You open your eyes. It’s 2024. What is going on here? The electro funk music fills the room. Bomb Rush Cyclone flashes on the screen in front of you.

    It’s been 24 years since Jet Set Radio. The spiritual successor, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is here.

    This game was built by an indie game developer studio called Team Reptile and my understanding (h/t DreamcastGuy on YouTube) the title was essentially made out of a labor of love for the original Sega game. What’s not to love about it? The soundtrack is mature and thrilling. Fighting cops. Solid. Graffiti tagging and shredding sick cyberpunk locales? Sign me up.