hypertext, words and more


  • Today, I began on Unit 21 in Duolingo. This is day 523 learning Korean 한국어 😅 This Unit’s subject is Express Necessity. Cute and useful.

    줄 서야 합니다.

    You have to stand in line.

    죄송하지만 지금 퇴근해야 해요.

    I’m sorry but I have to leave work now.

    저는 퇴근해서 집에 가야 해요.

    I have to leave work and go home.

    민지는 숙제를 오늘 해야 해요.

    Minji has to do the homework today.

    오늘 저녁에 출근해야 해요.

    I have to go to work this evening.

    의사는 빨리 준비해야 해요.

    The doctor needs to prepare quickly.