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  • According to Recode, Ikea has bought TaskRabbit:

    TaskRabbit is one of the best-known startups in the so-called “gig” economy that links freelance workers with jobs, from handymen to movers to assistants. It has about 60 employees, but over 60,000 independent workers use its platform.

    The total price of the sale is unknown, but previously Ikea’s acquisitions ranged from $20 million to $50 million.

    The total number of Taskers as of 2015, was just over 15,000. [1] That’s some interesting growth over over the course of 3 years. Nothing wild. But an interesting move by Ikea nonetheless.

    It looks like Ikea is doing two things here. First, they’re signaling to the market that they’re still here and making moves. Notably, moves into the tech space. I mean they recently were one of the first companies to bring AR into their app. Secondly, they’re building a moat around their business model. If a size-able chunk of users go to TaskRabbit for assembly, why not own a piece of the pie?

    I for-see a bright future with Ikea as the IOT continues to encroach into our lives.