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  • 30

    Today, I’ll be turning 30. 

    I’ll spare you the cliche painful words from an aging youth, and the expected drone of middle-age melancholia. I’ll even spare you the expected pessimism for squandered or lost youth. 

    Instead, I’d like to remind everyone that the carrot isn’t important, chasing it is. I’m not dead yet, and like any mortal that came before you or I — I certainly pondered my mortality today. It’s perhaps something I do daily.

    I feel confident of my achievements and I’m thankful to have lived to the age of 30. Many thanks to my parents (but specifically my mother who laboriously raised 3 boys), my friends, co-workers, mentors, teachers and of course, my family. The next 30 years (I’m sure), will fly by in an instant. 

    Yesterday I had jury duty for the first time. Today I’m 30. I think I’ll have a beer and celebrate.