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Motion Graphics

  • Greenpeace Ecosystem

    Elliot Lim is a freelance director, designer, and animator based in the Bay Area. Elliot has a wide and varied resumé of work (some notables include HBO, FX, AT&T, and Jarritos).

    While jumping around a bit on Vimeo this morning, I found some of his handiwork. This short in particular was completed for Greenpeace was absolutely astounding. Lim has a beautiful hand in illustration styles, motion, and direction. Really top-notch stuff. Enjoy.

  • There’s an absolute treasure-trove of incredible video production here. A congratulations all around to the winners. Just amazing work.

    Here’s some of my favorite winners across multiple categories. 

    Buck / Tinder – Invention of Together

    Amazing storytelling. Tinder may get a lot of flack, but at least it didn’t violate the privacy of millions of people. I like Tinder, and I still think it’s vastly undervalued. I also believe the next prevailing Social Network empire will not be Facebook — it will be the Match Group.

    Computer Team / Music Video: Washed Out Floating By

    Was not expecting to see this in the list. But it’s a great video. I would love to see the process behind this video.

    Gunner / Google Home App

    Cool! These assets were built with Lottie, super neat!

    VICE / Vice News Tonight Graphics

    These are cool. Simple concepts, fast iteration. These are really really effective. I’d like to see local news reporting pickup on these kinds of graphics. Those whimsical non-representational, 3D texturized motion graphics we’re familiar with in local news are just so shitty.

    Giant Ant / The Imaginary Friend Society / Finding Out You Have Cancer

    A lovely, light-hearted piece from Giant Ant. A great spot, for a great cause. As if battling cancer isn’t hard enough, imagine being a kid with a cancer diagnosis. If you want to help the IFS, donate your imaginary friends here 🙂