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Music Video

  • Joywave, a rad indie band that hails from Rochester, New York is known for their penchant for the meta and the weird. Just watch their 2015 music video for Somebody New and you’ll see what I mean. In 2019, Joywave released the single Obsession, in preparation for the full-length Possession slated for March 2020. The single came with goodies, a delicious music video that is oozing with nostalgia and American culture.

    Here’s a few of my favorites stills from the music video:

    The music video is well produced. It’s also very visibly Los Angeles. THat’s not a slight either. It’s really beautiful. It has the weight of a hundred films, and shows just how flexible the Los Angeles landscapes can be for filmmakers. Check it out:

  • Men I Trust is an incredible indie band from Montreal. Lovely jams, I gotta say. Very chill, very shoegazey. If you’re fans of Mac Demarco, or Snail Mail — Men I Trust is pretty adjacent.

    Gorillavsbear writes:

    Men I Trust continue to get us psyched for their forthcoming LP Oncle Jazz with this dreamily warped and woozy new one, “Norton Commander (All We Need)“. Watch the video, starring Emma and the group’s friend Lawrence Dickerson as they cruise around southern California in a dope old LeBaron convertible, below:

  • Mitski : A Pearl

    From the video description:

    This music video was initially created on the computer using several pieces of 3D animation software. After the digital version was finalized, all 1,480 frames of the video were then individually printed using ink jet printers. Once an image was printed, it was then painted, drawn, and illustrated on top of using traditional animation techniques. Lastly, the newly illustrated frames were scanned back into the computer and sequenced into the final film.

    This animation film is another work of art from the Brooklyn studio, Art Camp. Ravishing, delicious and ambitious — just a few words to describe just how amazing this animation is. The style, the process, and the music pairing are a match made in heaven.

    It’s just so fucking good.

  • The Armed, a punk band from Detroit, Michigan continues to iron out their raw sound. Nowhere to be Found, from their 2018 album Only Love. If you’re searching for a melodramatic modern punk take — Only Love is it.

    What seemingly begins as a familiar Underworld homage, it quickly devolves expectations. There’s a minor reprieve from a formulaic build-up, but director (and drummer for The Armed) Tony Wolski has something else in mind. He breaks the fourth-wall mid-video, revealing the film set (the band, a table, lights, equipment, but no PAs to be found). At the height of the reprieve, they deliver a chaotic noisy turn — a symbolic mosh pit and demolishes the scene in a violent wash of hardcore drums and screamo.

    I fucking ate it up. Excellent work fellas.