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  • Kim Jung Gi was only 47 years old. An incredibly talented illustrator. He wielded his brush pen with aplomb, majesty and had an incredible ability to create entire universes out of thin air with the simplest of strokes. I truly believe he was a genius.

    Just listen and watch him explain his process. His voice, and commitment to craft and detail is unparalleled:

    Kim Jung Gi has had a highly esteemed career. He’s been involved in Deadly Class, Walking Dead and countless others. DC Comics Publisher, Jim Lee shared a thoughtful thread on Kim via Twitter:

    “[Kim] was a truly phenomenal talent whose pen and brush wizardry captivated and inspired millions of fans around the world,” Lee tweeted. “While he drew some incredible comics, it was his live drawing & his sketchbooks about his life, travels and dreams which spoke to me most. It was downright eerie and spellbinding to see someone with a near photographic memory bring an illustration to life with the style and flair that only Jung Gi could deliver.”

    He will be sorely missed. We may never see anyone with his level of mastery ever again. 😢