• 2018

  • Music: March Favorites

  • Last month, I shared some February jams. Coming out of January, last month saw more nostalgic plays than anything. This month, I’m feeling more exploratory.

    Wether it’s the Nashville babes Daddy Issues or the incredible Nosaj Thing’s latest LP.  I didn’t forget about Dent May either. He’s something else. Apparently, he’s a Mississippi transplant drying up in LA. He’s got some great imagery in his lyrics. May’s tracks reminds me of the 2016 summer fun — hanging out on Bushwick rooftops, and warm beer at Coney Island. I feel like his gloomy, but bouncy voice has a bravado I can just get behind.

    I couldn’t help but add a 2011 hit from Metronomy’s, The English Riveria. Looking inward, this was playing everywhere back then and was such a great soundtrack on late-night highway rides. Now, that I no longer own a car, this track has transmuted for me — a soundtrack for my early-morning/late-night subway commutes:

    Get up and we get down
    We’re always running round this town
    And to think they said
    We’d never make anything better than this
    ‘Cause we’re always in small circles
    And everyone thinks we’re trouble
    We didn’t read it in the big book
    And now we’re giving you the look look
    Just remember how we shook shook
    And all the things we took took
    This town’s the oldest friend of mine

    Enjoy the playlist 😀

  • Music: February Favorites

  • The last time I penned anything lengthier than 140 characters about music was probably during the times of xanga.

    Today was a busy day at the office. I was feeling a little inspired, and a little chaotic. Nonetheless, this playlist really brought me back down to earth.

    This past week, a lot of these artists got some play, and I decided to make the playlist which you can play below. There’s a few classic artists from the 2000’s. Some lesser-known indie stars and small-stage producers that never really stole that big post-millennium spotlight they so deserved. Lastly, some rulebreakers like Toro y Moi and Best Coast.

    So many of these artists just completely shaped my formative years. It’s like smelling a box of crayons — the nostalgia just completely overtakes. Enjoy!

    P.S. If you want to embed your own playlists from Apple Music, make them public, get the share URL from iTunes and paste it here for a iframe embed: https://tools.applemusic.com/en-us?country=us